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About Nico Lazaridi

Wine is a major historical and cultural indicator of any civilization. The passion for history and art motivated Nikos Lazaridis to create one of Greece's famous wine cellars.
Nikos Lazaridis, a successful marble entrepreneur, never hid his love for wines. Over time, his passion turned into a business as he managed to transfer his creativity in the field of viticulture beyond the borders of Greece.
Ιn search of where he will plant the new vineyards, he chose the Agora area for the ideal location, the unique morphology, and the remarkable viticultural tradition. In 1997, the Château Lazaridi Winery was elected at a strategic point, overlooking the entire plain and the imposing volume of Mount Piaggio.
In Greek mythology, Mount Pangaio is known as the place where Orpheus lived and god Dionysos had his sanctuary.
Nico Lazaridi winery has given another dimension to Greek wine by mixing traditional and international varieties. 
The famous "Magic Mountain Gallery" was created inside the winery, which houses all the artists who created the iconic brand's labels.
These choices soon led the company to top results and fine products, and very soon, Nico Lazaridi wines managed to win over the wine-loving public in Greece and abroad.
Nikos Lazaridis charted the path, searching for perfection, giving the baton to the next generations who carry on his legacy.

You can take with you our wines if you reach Drama or famous Kavala port, which leads you to Thassos. Wine, Thassos, holidays. Till the moment you will reach Greece again, you can find the 14 labels here. uses cookies to improve your browsing. By opening the links on this site, you agree to the use of cookies.