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We want our first thoughts shared with you on this blog to come with important information about what we value. We are passionate about wine; we believe in high-quality Greek wine, in those mythical lands with rich soil able to successfully mature any grape - carefully cared for and pampered by the sun. You can also find Greek grape varieties in our wines; thus, we will start the journey into Nico Lazaridi’s world with them.
01 Feb Savatiano variety
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Savatiano is Greece's most planted grape variety, and it is is best known for its role in the Retsina wines, although nowadays it is used into making dry wines.Savatiano's resistance to drought and disease, both issues in the Mediterranean, has made it an obvious choice for the region, and it has be..
16 Jan Malagousia variety
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Malagousia is an aromatic white variety grown primarily in Central Greece and Greek Macedonia, saved from extinction recently. It is often used as a blending agent, most notably with Assyrtico, to which it adds middle body weight.Although it grows mainly in Northern Greece and is now cultivated in..
19 Dec Mavroudi grapes
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Mavroudi appeared in print in 1836, is planted mostly in Peloponnese and Northern Greece, and is found all over Greece. The variety owes its name to its berries' dark color and is primarily used to produce red wines. These grapes reveal a somewhat heavy aroma, a sweet and rich taste, and hefty tanni..
08 Dec Assyrtiko variety
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Rare and refined, with a history of over 3500 years, Assyrtiko wines are born from the most representative variety of Greek grapes, grown on Santorini's volcanic island. The variety mainly produces dry white wines, some aged in oak barrels for five to ten years, or even longer. Due to its pronounced..
30 Nov Roditis variety
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Roditis is a variety of white wines widespread in Greece. Being very versatile, the variety is used in various mixtures. It is often mixed with Savatiano to obtain Patras, the wine with which Julius Caesar is supposed to have conquered Cleopatra. Roditis can give rise to light wines with its hints o..
23 Nov Xinomavro variety
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This grape variety is known in mainland Greece under various names, including Rapsani, and it is traditionally blended with Stavroto and Krassato to obtain a dense, full-bodied red wine. In other parts of the world, to convert its natural roughness, the variety is mixed with several international va..
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